Flat Fee Susie Add-On Items

$99 is all it takes to get your “For Sale by Owner” home listed on the MLS!


Secure your property with ease using our Lock Box, the ideal solution for seamless home showings! Designed for convenience and safety, this lock box allows real estate professionals to access your home without compromising your security. Its durable construction ensures protection against weather and tampering, while the simple setup makes it user-friendly for agents. Perfect for sellers aiming for flexibility and peace of mind during the selling process. Get ready to welcome potential buyers with confidence

For Sale By Owner Sign

Elevate your home’s visibility with our premium “For Sale by Owner” sign, specifically crafted for flat fee MLS listings. Designed to grab attention, this sign combines bold, easy-to-read text with a professional layout, ensuring your property stands out. Weather-resistant and durable, it’s built to last throughout your selling journey. Enhance your curb appeal and connect with potential buyers more effectively with our trusted sign.

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