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$199 is all it takes to get your “For Sale by Owner” home listed on the MLS! We’re the best flat fee MLS listing service in the US!

Save up to 7% Commission with the best flat fee mls listing service

Commissions vary by the state your property is located in.  Generally, the agent that brings the buyer, gets 3% and the rest goes to the listing agent. In some States, commissions can be as high as 7%. The solution: List on MLS Flat Fee and sell by owner!

The huge difference in the process when you decide to use FlatFeeSusie.com, is that our site was developed by Susanne Flynn, a licensed broker in 11 states. Susanne has been a flat fee broker for over 18 years and has saved sellers over 17 million in commissions. Also on our website you can pick the type of assistance you need. If you want to do it yourself, we will have a local agent input the listing in the MLS and then you handle the rest. If you need assistance, the $1200 package is the same service you would receive from a 3% agent but it is virtual. There are no other fees due to us at closing for our services – However, there will be a commission fee for a Realtorif they bring you a buyer. But,

About Us

Flat Fee Susie.com was founded by Susanne Flynn, who has been serving the for sale by owner real estate community for over 18 years. Most of our partner listing agents were pioneers in the flat fee MLS listing arena, and offer top level listing customer service.

We hand pick our local listing agents to insure they provide our flat fee MLS listing sellers more than they pay for. Your property is your largest investment and selling it can cost 6% of the sales price or more. That means on a $400,000.00 home you will pay $24,000.00 of your equity towards commissions.

Flat Fee Susie wants you to save your heard earned cash while getting top service from your listing agent! Susanne has saved our clients over $50 million in commissions and growing!


best flat fee mls listing service


It is entirely possible, that a buyer will come to you direct and you pay ZERO COMMISSION!  That’s right if there is no agent involved you pay ZERO COMMISSION!  All of the details will be provided in your listing agreement and rest assured that all of it is completely legal.

Statistics prove that more than 90% of home buyers start their search on the Web before they contact a Realtor®. It’s important that instant access to your property information is available immediately to all home buyers and Realtors® worldwide. Many people are unaware that they do not need to pay high fees to have their home listed on the MLS.

The Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Service we have developed is very easy to use and is simply amazing to home sellers. Many people have no idea that these tools are available an can save them 6-8% in commissions!

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