A flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing is a service offered by real estate brokers or agents where they list a property on the local MLS for a one-time flat fee, instead of the traditional commission-based fee structure.

MLS is a comprehensive database of properties for sale in a given area, typically used by real estate professionals to market properties to potential buyers. By listing a property on the MLS, sellers can gain exposure to a wide network of buyers and agents who use the MLS to search for properties.

With a flat fee MLS listing, sellers pay a fixed amount upfront to have their property listed on the MLS, usually for a specified period of time. This fee typically covers basic services such as listing the property on the MLS, but additional services such as photography, marketing, and negotiations may come at an extra cost or may not be included at all.

Flat fee MLS listings can be attractive to sellers who want to save on commission fees, as they can potentially sell their property without paying a full commission to a traditional real estate agent. However, sellers should carefully consider whether the limited services provided with a flat fee MLS listing meet their needs and whether they are comfortable taking on more of the responsibilities typically handled by a real estate agent.

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